Check Engine Light Message Under Speedometer

Why did my check engine light stay on?

The first thing you need to know when dealing with the check engine light is that there’s absolutely no need to panic. Panicking can only lead to making things worse, so just take a deep breath and remain calm, and try to make your way safely to us here at Godwin Motors. Your check engine light coming on does not mean that you are in any danger. There’s a very slim chance that your car might stop working, but your engine isn’t about to blow up or anything like that.

Chances are, it won’t even stop working and you’ll be completely fine, but the point is not to panic. There are a few reasons why your check engine light would stay on after the initial few seconds after turning the ignition or come on while you’re on the road, and some of them you can check yourself. But if you don’t feel comfortable, just get your car to use here at Godwin and we’ll figure it out for you.

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Most Common

There are two reasons why your check engine light might be staying on that are more common than most of the others. The #1 reason has to do with your gas cap. This is why we say not to panic, because typically it just means you didn’t screw your gas cap back on all the way after filling up, or perhaps there’s a crack in the cap or you misplaced it completely. All you have to do is tighten it up or replace it and the light should go away no problem!

Another very common reason is that your spark plugs have worn out and are beginning to fail. Just as much as fuel or oil, spark plugs are necessary to make your car run. The provide the electricity to your engine, so having working spark plugs is quite important, and your car might just be telling you to replace them.

Other Possibilities

There are a few somewhat common though rarer options that might be causing your check engine light to come on. These would be more difficult to handle yourself and we’d certainly recommend you bringing it into our service center for assistance. Similarly to spark plugs, these are three parts that might be failing and in need of repair or replacement. The parts in question are the Mass Airflow Sensor, Oxygen Sensor and Catalytic Converter.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call, just remember not to panic if your check engine light stays on!