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Tips for Increasing Fuel Economy

We’re always looking for different ways to save money, and this might be the easiest one yet. Drivers are trending toward vehicles with higher fuel efficiency and automakers are answering the call. If you’re stuck with a car that doesn’t get as good of MPGs as you’d like, there are some measures you can take to change that. Check out these tips for increasing fuel economy!

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person changing gearsAvoid Idling

This is probably the easiest change to make. Leaving your car running while you’re not driving uses a lot more fuel than you might think – about a half gallon to a full gallon every hour. If you’re stopped for more than 30 seconds, it’s best to just turn the car off.

Get Rid of Excess Weight

The more your vehicle weighs, the more gas will be needed to keep it moving. While you can’t do anything about how much your car weighs, you can get rid of all that extra stuff in the back that you never use. Take a few minutes to investigate what you have in the trunk and whether you actually need it there.

Value Your Trade-In

Close the Windows

Keeping the windows open creates excess drag, which will result in poorer fuel efficiency. If it’s a hot day and you want a cool breeze, turn on the air conditioning system instead.

Keep Tires Properly Inflated

When the tires aren’t inflated fully, there will be more roll resistance (think of how much harder it is to pedal a bike with nearly-flat tires as opposed to a bike with fully-inflated tires). This will make the engine work harder to keep you moving.

Fill Up in the Morning

Early in the morning, the temperature is generally colder which will make the fuel more dense. Since the fuel pump estimates 10 seconds as being one gallon, you’re actually paying for the time at the pump as opposed to the actual amount of fuel that enters your tank. More dense fuel = less money spent.

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