Hand changing oil under the hood

Where should I get my oil changed in Columbia SC?

Now that you’ve clicked into this blog and have subsequently realized that it’s posted on Godwin Motors’ website, you probably already know what our answer to the question up above is going to be. Where should you get your oil changed in Columbia SC? Godwin Motors, of course. But instead of just giving you our biased opinion, we thought we’d explain to you exactly why you should be getting your oil changed here in our service department.

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Why should I get my oil changed at Godwin Motors?

Oil Change Checklist with Red PencilWe’ve actually got a few good reasons you should come get your oil changed here at Godwin. First and foremost, if you’ve got time available on a Wednesday, then you’ll be pleased to hear that we offer oil changes for just $19.99 all day long. We want to make sure your vehicle is always working to the best of its abilities, so if that means offering slightly cheaper prices one day a week, then we’re happy to do it!

But that’s not the only advantage of getting your oil changed here at Godwin Motors. One of the most common complaints of needing to get your oil changed, other than the price, is just how unnecessarily intrusive it is. You’ve got to waste time out of your day to go get something done that should only take a short amount of time, and it turns into an hours-long ordeal. Not here at Godwin Motors, though.

You see, unlike a majority of oil change locations in the area and beyond, we have a dedicated technician specifically focused on oil changes all day. That means we’re generally able to take care of vehicles much quicker than other places, typically getting you in and out in roughly a half hour. For that reason, we even encourage walk-ins! And remember, while you’re here, we can service any other issues that your vehicle might have. Whether it be brakes, your tires, or some noise that you don’t recognize, we’ve got you covered. Plus, for a small fee, we can even provide you with a vehicle for the day. So, when it comes time for you to get your next oil change, consider Godwin Motors here in Columbia SC!