Windshield Wiper Cleaning Window

Windshield wiper replacement & other services available in Columbia SC

Now that spring is upon us, it’s time to consider getting some of those post-winter services done to your vehicle. Putting your car, truck or utility vehicle through winter is unavoidable, but that doesn’t make it any less taxing on said automobile. That’s why, as soon as you’re through to the other side, it’s important to take care of the things that might have been affected by the harsh seasonal weather. One of the most important things to check after winter is whether or not you need a windshield wiper replacement, but there are plenty of other spring services to consider, and they’re all available right here at Godwin Motors in Columbia SC.

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Pair of Windshield Wiper BladesIt’s most likely time for your next oil change, for starters, but you might also need to check things like alignment, tire pressure, tire tread, fluid levels and other things that can be affected by the harsh weather. If you’ve been driving through a lot of icy and snowy conditions throughout the winter, then it’s also important to get your car washed as soon as possible. Hopefully, you got a few washes through the winter as well, but now that all of the ice, snow and salt that comes with those types of road conditions is gone, you want to make sure to clean it all off of your vehicle to avoid permanent damage.

Importance of Windshield Wiper Replacement

The windshield wipers are often an overlooked part of your vehicle, which enhances the importance of us bringing it up. You might not think about your wipers very often until you need them. There’s nothing worse than being on the road during the springs first big shower only to turn on your wipers and realize the tax of cleaning ice, snow, salt and more off your windshield all winter has completely worn them out. Not only will it leave your windshield streaky, but it also might not even be able to clear the water off for you, leaving your vision impeded and creating a dangerous road condition.

In other words, make sure you check your wiper blades and get them replaced if needed. We can do that for you right here at the Godwin Service Center, just schedule an appointment!